About Dr. Anne Garber Kompaore

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A Home Calling of the Father of our Consultant

Dr. Anne Garber Kompaore is the consultant for the Ngas Bible Translation. She is from Canada, but maAnne and Daniel Kompaorerried to a man from Bourkina Faso, his name is Dr. Daniel Kompaore. For more information, go to http://www.aegk.finespun.net/

In the month of February, she came to Nigeria in order to check the books of Obadiah, Micah and Isaiah. Just after her arrival that she received a message about the passing away of her father. Inspite of that she still insisted to stay behind and check for two weeks. May God bless her for this sacrifice.

We the translators thought of the possibility of having the privilege of watching the funeral service online. God made it possible. On this page is the video and audio records of the funeral service. You can watch online or download.

May the Lord comfort the family of the deceased.